At EXKi, based in brussels but managing the BeNeLux and the French market i had differents evolutions in my job :

I started as a Digital Marketing Leader by creating a social and content strategy and execute it with a small team that i managed. (SEO, SEA, Emails, growth hacking, Social..).

Then Covid arrived and i had to change my cap :
First I worked with only the COO and a CEO on “How EXKi will launch new channels concept” and after I took the lead on the Product Team, i managed the team to lauch new food product (analyses, sourcing, supporting restaurants…) and the launch of promotionnal product marketing campaings (ERP management, database, communications…). I create a new team of 3 persons with strategy I was keeping my cap digital but more about projects like new website and eCommerce based on business objectives.

Now, i took the lead again on the digital strategy of EXKi Group….. (I need to write the rest)